In the 53rd TÜBİTAK High School Students Research Projects Regional Exhibition, 3 projects were selected from our school to be exhibited among hundreds of projects this year. The project on the “Functional Use of Music in Literature Teaching” by our student Selen Tiftikçi and our advisor Cansu Durukan in the field of Turkish Language and Literature, by our students Azra Reyyan Kahraman, İpek Yapıcı, İdil Atik and our advisor Osman Işık in the field of geography “Designing a Sphere Using Upcycling Method for Use in Secondary Education Geography Lessons”” Within the scope of our project-based education approach, our students carry out many studies that they develop by producing in their lessons and demonstrate their ability to produce knowledge from knowledge. Congratulations to all our students who prepared the project, in the finals of Turkey We wish success to our students and teachers who will compete.