Our Science High School and College students, accompanied by their teachers and tour guide, made a very enjoyable and informative cultural tour to Bursa, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a while, drawing interest with its historical and cultural texture. The trip to Bursa started with breakfast in Cumalıkızık, the oldest village in the Ottoman region. It continued with a tour of the historical village, the Ulu Mosque and the historical inns around it, the Green Mosque and its tomb. After visiting the historical Clock Tower in Tophane and the tombs of Osman and Orhan Bey, the first sultans of the Ottoman Empire, the panoramic view of Bursa was seen and the way back to Istanbul began. On the way back, a stroll was made in Trilye, a charming seaside town, one of the oldest settlements in Bursa. After seeing the building where the ceasefire agreement that ended the War of Independence was made in Mudanya, we arrived at the school in the evening.