The Administrative Affairs Office manages and pursues the entire process of purchasing goods, services and products.


At our school, which has a national and international quality certificate, food and canteen services are provided with food and canteen products made by our own staff.  The meals, breakfast and food in the canteen are prepared daily in the kitchen of Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools. Adequate and balanced diet; Healthy growth and mental development in school-age children is very important.  Various and balanced menus that they can fondly consume with all food groups are prepared so as to meet energy and nutritional needs during their time at school.  The daily energy, protein, vitamin and mineral needs are taken into account and approved by the school administration when the menus are prepared.  All foods served during breakfast, lunch and canteen hours are prepared and cooked daily by Private Muruvvet Evyap kitchen staff in the school kitchen. Based on the protection of health, fresh, daily and addictive-free products are preferred in food preparations, healthy preparation and cooking methods are used to prevent loss of nutrition.

Our parents are informed of the monthly menu via the website.

Our learners with a special dietary needs (Celiac disease, diabetes, etc.) are supported with special menus, upon submission of a medical statement for the learner.

Our canteen is operated with products deemed appropriate within the framework of the canteen guidelines of the Ministry of National Education, readymade foods are not used.

Our kitchen once cooking is completed; our dining halls are cleaned after service.  The kitchen and dining halls are disinfected regularly. Kitchen and dining hall staff (cooks, waiters, and dish-washer) are monitored through regular porter examinations to check for infectious diseases.

Dining halls and production area are inspected at regular intervals by the Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools Medical unit and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in accordance with the regulations of the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.  Water and food samples are tested regularly.


Cleaning staff are in charge of hygiene and cleaning of all open and confined areas of our schools.

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