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Clean Energy Game

Our students, the e-Twinning project carried out by the Secondary School Science Club A distribution of duties with students from the schools with whi...

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Warm-up Time

The pot we use while cooking in the kitchen is too hot to hold; however, the handle we use to hold the pot is not that hot and we can hold it easily. ...

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Human and Environment

In today’s world, where the need for clean water is increasing, we designed and built a simple water purification system with our 5th Grade stud...

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Circuit Explorers

Grade 5 students set up different circuit diagrams to comprehend how simple electrical circuits work and to learn the symbols of the circuit element d...

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Sustainability Related Activities

Within the scope of the e-Twinning project carried out by the Middle School Science Club, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and ...

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Our eTwinning project “Read-Math”, which we carried out with our 8th grade students last year and received the “National Quality Lab...

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Electrical Workshop

Materials that conduct electricity well are called “electrical conductors”, and materials that do not conduct electricity well are called ...

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Circuit Hunters

We choose or try to adjust the brightness of the lamps we use in daily life, depending on the need. Our 5th grade students both learned how to adjust ...

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Within the scope of the Biodiversity Unit; , we built a bird feeder and assigned our students to hang it on the trees of our garden for not only to ga...

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