Professor of ITU Environmental Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Osman Atilla Arıkan informed the students of Private Mürüvvet Evyap Science High School and College about the efficient use of climate and environmental safety, all the biodiversity of the global ecological system, all the underground and surface resources offered by the earth, in the name of “sustainability”, one of the most indispensable global trends of the 21st century. He talked about the practices aimed at reducing the human footprint in nature by protecting the valuable natural habitats and species of our country. He gave information about the responsibilities of young people to stop the damage to the natural balance of the earth and to establish a future where people live in harmony with nature. Raising awareness at the end of the seminar, Prof. Dr. Osman Atilla Arıkan asked the students questions about the environment. He gave glass water flasks to the students who answered the questions correctly, in line with their efforts to reduce the amount of waste.