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Breathing, which we perform in order to meet the oxygen need of our body, is possible thanks to the filling and discharge of air into our lungs. Our 6...

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Dynamometer Making

We apply force to move a chair, stop a stroller, or shape dough, and dynamometers are used to calculate the magnitude of the force we apply. We design...

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Our 5th and 6th grade students; Esma Yuret, Azra Kocabaş, Ali Aras Karacık, Kenji Demirci, Toprak Koçyiğit, Umar Juraev, Selim Durgun, Ömer Vural...

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Origami is a combination of the Japanese words “ori” (fold) and “gami” (paper). It is the name given to the art of paper folding. It is made b...

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Density Games

We had heard the phrase “to rise to the top like olive oil”, and we also knew that when we mix olive oil with water, it really goes to the...

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Science and Mathematics Quiz Show

As part of the “Science and Technology Week” celebrations, a quiz show on “Science and Mathematics” was held between secondary...

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What’s in Our Blood?

Blood, which is a vital fluid for us and fulfills many tasks, especially meeting the nutrient and oxygen needs of our tissues, contains blood cells su...

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