After the announcement of the completion of the Human Genome Project on April 25, 2003, April 25 was recognized as World DNA Day by the Human Genome Research Institute.With the World DNA Day Celebrations held since 2003, it is aimed to better recognize the DNA molecule, which is one of the greatest inventions, and to spread the importance of genetics to large masses in the treatment of diseases and achieving a long healthy life. In this context, on Tuesday, April 25, our 9th and 10th grade college and science high school students exhibited their unique DNA models on the high school science laboratory floor of our school.In addition to DNA models and mock-ups made from different materials, students performed ”DNA isolation” by using fruit samples such as strawberry, kiwi and banana.
Thus, they had the chance to observe the real form of the molecule they modeled in test tubes and learned the stages of how DNA is isolated from plant cells. We would like to thank the teachers and students who conducted this educational event.