At primary school, our learners receive an education of world standards with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, implemented in conjunction with the curricula of the Turkish Ministry of National Education.

As a result of this training, the objective is for learners to become individuals who can take responsibility for their own learning, question and use their language effectively, protect their cultural values, be caring for global issues and of international mindedness.

The objective of Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools for primary education in order to positively support the development of our learners are;

  • Offer support for versatile development through workshops, where they can carry out individual and joint studies and centers in the classrooms
  • Prepare laboratories to carry out necessary research and make on the spot observations
  • Create classroom libraries to keep their curiosity fresh and be able to research and learn at any time
  • Offer various material support to feed their creativity and productivity
  • Encourage actions to produce solutions for problems surrounding them, their country and the world, and to fulfil their social responsibilities
  • Offer a generous library and resources for them to become individuals that use well their native language
  • Offer sufficient time, environment and materials for them to become individuals who speak a minimum of 2 languages
  • Arrange trips and activities to provide them the opportunity of learning through doing and experiencing
  • Using various methods, techniques and equipment’s based on the understanding that not every learners learning method is the same
  • Offer IT and coding training to develop individuals that keep up with the developing world, keep up with changes and use technology effectively
  • Offer club activities to introduce artistic studies, and identify their own talents, interests and skills
  • Guiding the ways to information, using triggering methods to intrigue curiosity for the targeted information
  • Enable that they learn the achievements appropriate for their level in the best possible way, within the framework specified by the curriculum and observe and follow the use of these in their daily lives
  • Following all national and international activities, competitions and exams, enabling the active involvement in these events
  • Provide the opportunity for them to become individuals that undertake responsibilities and caring towards the world and their surroundings
  • Allow them to become individuals who are thinkers, producers, inquirers and risk takers
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