Our 8th grade students participated in the eTwinning project “Read Math” under the guidance of Mehtap Üzer, one of our school teachers. In our project, where the contributions of reading quality books on mathematics lessons were investigated, our students had the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and improve themselves with many activities.
Before starting the project, a pre-research test was applied to determine the readiness of the students. During the project, our students read a book every month. After the books to be read were determined, cover, bookmark and cartoon design studies were made for these books. In order to support our students to read quality books, we held interviews about the books they read, and with these interviews, we aimed to improve our students’ analytical thinking skills and reasoning abilities. Our students formed mixed teams with Turkish and foreign students involved in the project and wrote common mathematical stories. Afterwards, the students were given a post-research test and the positive effects of reading books on the mathematics lesson were observed.