Evyap farm; Dedicated to the use of Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools, only 5-6 minutes away from our school by car and at the point where the Marmara Sea meets the Black Sea, close to the Belgrade Forests in nature, dominated with bird chirpings, oxygen and greenery.

As Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools, we aim to bring our children together with nature and to be among natural life at Evyap Farm, which we have prepared for the children. Especially during the pandemic period, we provide the opportunity to unleash the energies of our children who have been far away from social and physical activities.

When children understand the ecosystem cycle and meet nature, they enjoy learning and become curious and inquisitive, observe and produce solutions. They learn to respect nature and all other living beings, grow as healthier, more creative, more stress-free and happy children. Because children learn more through experiencing life.

Opportunities provided for learners at Evyap Farms:

Areas suitable for social distancing,

An environment where health and security measures are taken,

Open Classrooms,

Picnic and sports areas for running and playing,

Open areas for agriculture and greenhouses,

Living areas for bees, poultry, ovine and cattles.

What do children experience at Evyap Farms?

Classes in open classrooms using a blackboard,

13 acres of land allocated for each grade to carry out agriculture,

Recognisition of approximately 50 vegetables and fruits,

Harvesting crops from their own planting,

Recognizing various medical and aromatic plants (thyme, lavendar etc.),

Aquiring information regarding breeding of poultry, ovine and cattles.

Aquiring information about bees and beekeeping.

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