The Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools medical unit has a part-time doctor and two nurses on call.  Medical services at the unit are provided in two medical rooms, one is located at the primary school and the other at the secondary school.

Responsibilities of the Medical Unit

To collect and file medical forms of the learners at the beginning of the academic year.  All records kept in the medical unit are confidential and are not shared with anyone unless unavoidable circumstances involving persons of interest (vice principle, school counselor, etc.)

To carry out screening (teeth, eyes, etc.) with specialist doctors for early detection of possible medical issues occurring at school and to share, if any, these issues with parents.

To carry out the initial examination in the case of an emergency at school and informing the parent of their child’s health.

To be the first responder for circumstances that can occur at school and informing the parent

To take the necessary precautions for learners with chronical medical issues and informing the relevant departments accordingly (vice principal, councilor, dining hall.)

To monitor annual medical health checks and vaccinations of learners in cooperation with the Provincial Health Directorate.

To keep records of learners through height and weight controls at regular intervals.

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