The Hedise Evyap Conference Hall, located at Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools, was opened on 29th October, 2019. It takes its name from a precious elderly of the Evyap family.


Our 512 seating capacity conference hall has been put into use with advanced stage, sound and light systems with all kinds of technical equipment so that our learners can express themselves and perform all kinds of artistic and scientific activities. The hall is also used for activities other than those organized by our learners.  It is used for scientific and academic activities, ceremonies, competitions held at school, the province and across Turkey, conferences, panels, discussions, performances, conserts and seminars.  The conference hall, which our learners use at various times in connection with their educational programs, is the place where all celebrations, ceremonies, and educational seminars are held, and stage activities are exhibited for parents and learners. It also hosts large organizations where famous guests are hosted.  The 512-person capacity Hedise Evyap Conference Hall, designed with attention to all details, has technical equipment such as a surround sound system, projector, computer, music equipment, DVD player, double curtain designed for double stage transition, and a lapel microphone. In addition, the temperature of the environment can be adjusted at the desired level with the air conditioning system.  There are 3 spectator entrances in the hall, 2 on the upper and 1 on the lower side.  Additionally, there is the director’s room, a backstage, male and female backstage dressing rooms, recreation and exhibition area, storage and decor rooms.

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