The Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools have an educational understanding which makes its learners feel, in every field, the privilege of studying at a private school in addition to being a school which successfully implements the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools, which has a primary goal to develop happy individuals, continues its efforts to become an exemplary institution that provides international competence that develops individuals who are able to express themselves, are entrepreneurs, have advanced ethical values without disregarding the conditions of today.

Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools provide skills through its educational program to its learners that are required by the new age.

The classroom teaching styles are determined by identifying individual learning styles, and classes are implemented learner-centered accordingly.

  • Preparation for national competitions (Physic, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer) and club activities are carried out.
  • Project-based classes are taught in laboratories.
  • Encouraging learners to make projects; TÜBİTAK offers opportunities to participate in many national and international competitions with these projects.
  • Studies towards YKS are carried out during the week as of grade 11.
  • We do not only provide academic development for our learners through sportive, artistic and social opportunities, but also towards their physical, emotional and social development.


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