With a learner-orientated approach, the aim of the PCG unit is to support learners to:

  • Develop a positive self-perspective
  • Recognise and control their emotions
  • Develop awareness of their own interests, desires and abilities
  • Make the right decisions for themselves
  • Develop their creativity
  • Gain effective communication skills
  • Be sensitive and be able to empathize
  • Establish harmonious relationships with their environment
  • Develop effective problem solving
  • Provide support to strengthen their positive aspects
  • Increase their individual awareness

In addition, it aims to not only contribute to the development of our learners academically but also socially.  The PCG unit carries out individual meetings, group work, classroom activities and inventory applications with our learners throughout the year.  Furthermore, we work with our parents as we pay attention to parent learner and school cooperation.  Confidentiality, willingness, respect of personal rights, cooperation and solution-orientated working principles are taken as basis for all of our efforts towards our learners and parents.


  • Motivation Seminars
  • TYT-AYT Seminars
  • Vocational Guidance Seminars
  • Establishing programs in line with the leaners academic performance.
  • Individual Guidance Studies
  • Parent Meetings
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