Education is one of the fastest transforming fields in the digital era that we live in. Supporting the rapid transformation, in terms of method and content with new infrastructures and software, is one of the main elements of a modern educational institution.

In recent years, Mürüvvet Evyap schools have made significant investments in the field of Information Technologies. As a result, our school stands out with its technological infrastructure and product and solution development capabilities.

The smart board and information screens we provide at our school are at the service of our learners and teachers 24/7.

While on one hand, we are providing the services and facilities required by the academic and administrative departments in a quality, sustainable, safe and planned manner, we are also on the other hand continuing the digital transformation of our school.

Main functions of the Data Processing Department

Planning, establishing, operating, troubleshooting and providing user support of the IT central infrastructure of all establishments within the school.

99.99% operation continuity of the data centers on a 24/7 basis.

Ensuring the security of infrastructure, software, database, communication line and services.

Identifying, analysing and supplying software requirements or its production within the scope of the school.

Managing the official website of our school.

Providing IT support required by academic and administrative staff.

Planning and management of all smart infrastructures within the scope of the school.

Supporting digital transformation initiatives in academic and administrative processes.


Yakup Altay

IT Department / yakupaltay@evyap

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