As part of the celebration program of “The 100th Anniversary of Our Republic” Private Mürüvvet Evyap College and Science High School 9th grade students traveled through history with the motto “Let’s learn while traveling”. In the company of our teachers, students made a visit to Gülhane Park, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Prof.Dr. Fuat Sezgin Museum of Islamic Science and Technology History.
In Istanbul Archeology Museum, which is the first museum of Türkiye ,students had the chance to see thousands of artifacts belonging to various cultures and a vast collection of rare and precious items most of which were brought from the imperial lands during the Ottoman Period. They traveled to the oldest periods of history.
A visit was made to the Islamic Science and Technology History Museum, which was pioneered by Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin and is the first in Turkey and the second in the world after Frankfurt.
In the 3500 m² indoor exhibition area, students saw hundreds of tools, device replicas, models and model collections. Thus, our students both learned and spent enjoyable hours by seeing and touching thousands of years old works.