LGS Preparation Studies

Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools provide complete academic and guidance support to their learners during the LGS preparation process.

During this process;

  • Online support of educational material to assist learners in their individual studies is provided to learners in addition to all their online and offline studies.
  • The “Mentor Teaching System” is implemented, which ensures the best functioning of the school-parent-learner communication that follows the academic development of the learner throughout the year.
  • The counselling unit monitors the learners’ psychosocial wellbeing throughout the exam preparation process.
  • Learner-parent exam briefing seminars are conducted.
  • During this process, parents are informed of the learners’ academic development through Development Reports.
  • Over 40 mock exams are held throughout the academic calendar, of which 6 are administered throughout Turkey.
  • Unit evaluation-subject screening and term assessment exams are applied.
  • Problem solving focused on the lack of learning outcomes or repetition study sessions are carried out.
  • School introduction and peer discipline seminars are conducted.
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