At Private Muruvvet Evyap schools, there are a total of three libraries established, the kindergarten-primary school library, secondary school library and the high school library.

The aim of our libraries is to provide education and training materials that support the outcomes specified in the education program, to enable learners to reach the desired information efficiently, lifelong learning competence and the ability to conduct research, to provide learners with different opinions by providing access to the right resources published in local, regional, national and universal fields. Furthermore, to support learners in producing ideas, to achieve individual reading habits, to teach library resources, services and necessities, and to make the use of the library a part of their daily lives.

Our collection consists of printed and electronic resources that support the learning outcomes specified in the education program, according to the educational levels. Resources in our libraries are arranged with the “Dewey Decimal Classification System”, one of the international cataloging systems, which serves with an open shelf system.  All transactions in our library are carried out with the Follett-Destiny library automation program. With the Follett-Destiny automation program, it is possible to access bibliographic records of all printed resources in the collections of Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools libraries.

Materials included within the structure or our libraries;
20.028 printed publications
250 CD’s
20 periodical publication memberships

All learners, teachers and staff of our school can benefit from our libraries. Teachers can use the library with their classes during class hours by reservation, and learners can benefit from the library at their free times (recess).



Registration to the library is carried out for teachers, learners and staff within the structure of Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools.  Our members can make use of the library within the guidelines of the library.


All learners, teachers and staff are natural members of the library.  Registered members can borrow upto 3 items for a maximum period of 2 weeks.

No items can be taken out of the library before the necessary check out has been issued.

If borrowers wish to extend the return date of the items borrowed, they are then required to contact the librarian to apply for an extension of the return date.  Extension of return date is issued once for each item, and the extension period is an additional 15 days.

An extension of return date is not possible if the item is on reserve for another borrower and should be returned.

With exemption of the final issue, 1 periodical publication can be borrowed for a period of one week.

Items of reference (encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, etc.) can not be borrowed.

No additional items can be borrowed until items with an expired return date are returned or the return date is extended.

Borrowers are not allowed to borrow items in the name of others or lend their borrowed items to others.

Borrowers are responsible for the proper use of items and its return undamaged

Borrowers are required to make good the loss of the publication by replacing it with the same.  In the case of non-availability of the item, a replacement is required with one similar which is determined by the librarian.

Library computers are used to carry out research and scanning of catalogues.   Playing games on the computers are not permitted.

Borrowing of items cease 2 weeks before the end of the academic year.

All borrowers are obligated to return all libraray items at the end of the year.



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