Dear learner, esteemed parents, dear teachers and members of staff,
Our school was founded in 2008 with the initiative of the philanthropist siblings of Ms. Mürüvvet evyap, after her passing in 2006.
Ms. Mürüvvet, whom I have had the chance to know personally when she was alive, was an exceptional person with her serious approach to work, her versatility and helpfulness, and her belief in education and youths.
Education is an issue that all members of the Evyap family exceptionally care about, value and place investment. To date, the country has gained many educational institutions from the family, which have been dedicated to the Ministry of National Education. This mission is continued with new school projects that are in place.
The foundation purpose of the Private Mürüüvet Evyap Schools can be summarized again with the same feelings and thoughts; raising children that follow the modern civilized paths set forth by Atatürk, that possess universal values in the light of science and are of high moral emotions, enriching and appreciating themselves, their families and our nation.
Children that are entrusted to us are educated appropriate for this objective by experienced and competent teachers at our school.
In addition to education, our school is designed to meet all requirements of our learners. By offering our learners many opportunities in all branches of sports and arts, they are supported to prepare for life by ensuring their strong social skills.
As an IB school, our learners receive education through experiencing in many fields. In the near future, they will be able to experience nature and to get to know animals closely with our “Evyap Farm” project.
Our school, which is experienced in formal and online education, has completed its preparations for the new academic year with all protective measures taken.
I wish 2021-2022 to be beneficial and auspicious to our children and the learning community.
Mustafa ARIN
Founder Representative

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