Private Muruvvet Evyap Secondary School contributes to the educational process with Sebit Vcloud, “a new generation educational sharing and collaborating platform” in educational technologies, so that its learners can adapt easily to the new normal process.

It also supports digital literacy and content production by providing our learners a personalized learning environment.  Furthermore, it provides an opportunity of learning with peer interaction.  Special guidance towards performance deficiencies are offered to our learners following the mock exams applied.  Target –orientated studies allows them to save time.  Skills of discussion, problem solving, acquiring versatile perspective and critical thinking are ensured through interactions of discussion, sharing and voting.  It presents our learners with materials that are enriched with qualified, original and reliable digital content that is compatible with the program of the Ministry of National Education.

The “Flipped Learning” approach, creates an exploration and creative problem solving environment for learners.

At the same time, our learners are encouraged to drive their own learning, develop self-directed learning skills, be individuals that inquirer and find opportunities to work in collaboration.

Within the framework of LGS studies, online mock exams are applied using the EDROOF system, which is a comprehensive content composing and in-class management and assessment system.

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