Learner Code of Conduct


  • Learners arrive to school on-time in the morning.
  • Learners that arrive late report their excuse to the relevant Vice Principle and pick up a late arrival slip to take with them to class.
  • Learners that are dropped off to school by their parents are also expected to be in class on-time.
  • Parents of learners who make a habit of arriving late for school are contacted to ensure on-time arrival to the school
  • Learners attending the medical room or PCG department attend class with a “Admission Slip” they obtain from these units
  • Learners can be taken from the classroom with a permission slip given by the Vice Principal
  • Early release of learners is allowed at the end of class, except for emergency health issues
  • Learners are handed over to their parents or to relatives notified by the parents in writing.  Proof of ID is requested from these relatives
  • One copy of the duplicate permission slip is handed to the class teacher and the other to the security official at the exit gate


  • To develop learners as individuals who respect the values of the country they live in; Participate to the compulsory Flag Raising Ceremony in accordance with the Flag Code and Regulations
  • Participation of learners, teachers and parents fulfil the requirements of the ceremony
  • Learners are prohibited to leave the school before the ceremony
  • Learners act in accordance with the ceremonial regulations at flag raising ceremonies


  • Appropriate footwear must be worn, suitable for the health and school uniform of the learner
  • Jewellery is prohibited (Earrings, identity bracelets, bangles, etc.)
  • Long hair must be kept tidy




  • The learner enters the classroom before the teacher
  • School equipment, tools and appliances in the classroom are handled with care
  • Permission to speak is requested during class, others learners must not be disturbed
  • Classroom must be kept clean and tidy.  Litter should not be thrown on the floor.
  • Loitering or exiting the classroom during lessons is prohibited
  • The class is dismissed after the bell and once the teacher ends the lesson
  • Electronic devices are prohibited in school (mobile phone, digital music player, etc.)  If brought into school, the device is turned in to the relevant vice principle.  If not, the vice principle hands the device over to the parent. If this behaviour is repeated, the device is confiscated from the learner and handed over to the parent at the end of term.
  • Books, equipment, notebooks and material related to the lesson are purchased in full.
  • Eating or chewing is prohibited in the classroom
  • Adequate cash should be brought into school.  The learner is responsible for lost cash and valuables
  • Items on notice boards should not be damaged


  • Senior learners show example behaviour to younger learners
  • Fulfils lavatory and fluid requirements during recess.  Leaving the classroom for such needs during class is prohibited
  • Avoids games that cause dust and noise in the hallway and stays away from harmful behaviour towards their friends
  • Must not enter department units or the teachers’ room.  The teacher must be called outside of the room for discussions


  • Lunch is implemented at the time specified by the school management
  • Loud speaking whilst eating is prohibited
  • Hands must be washed before and after lunch
  • Show respect to dining hall staff
  • Unnecessary amounts of food and bread should not be taken to avoid waste
  • Taking food out of the dining hall is prohibited


  • Noise is prohibited
  • Borrowed books should be returned by the due date. Unreturned books are required to be replaced by the learner with a new one or the cost paid to the school management


  • Art materials, tables and chairs must be kept clean and tidy
  • Apron must be worn during class
  • Clears all materials in the studio and washes hands at the end of class
  • Abides by the rules set by the class teacher


  • Attends class with the relevant attire and equipment
  • Changing rooms must be kept clean and tidy
  • Equipment must not be used unless permitted by the P.E teacher
  • Abides by the rules set by the class teacher
  • Must not enter indoor sports areas with shoes other than sports shoes


  • Attends class with the relevant equipment
  • Keeps the laboratory clean and tidy
  • Laboratory equipment is used carefully without damage
  • Laboratory equipment are left complete and tidy at the end of class


  • Shows respect to the service personnel
  • Wears seatbelt before departure
  • Avoids behaviours that can distract the bus driver
  • Does not leave personal belongings unattended, does not stand or walk in the isle
  • Does not hang from the window or throw litter outside
  • Is careful when getting on and off the bus
  • Avoids delay of the bus, is ready on time.
  • Does not consume food on the bus
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