Our 5th and 6th grade students; Esma Yuret, Azra Kocabaş, Ali Aras Karacık, Kenji Demirci, Toprak Koçyiğit, Umar Juraev, Selim Durgun, Ömer Vural and Poyraz Erdoğan participated in ‘2022 Project Competition’ organized by ‘Oxford University Press’ under the guidance of Middle School English teachers.

For Project Competition 2022, they were asked to imagine an invention with an unlimited budget that will make the world a better place and will help with one of these important global issues: climate action or improving health and wellbeing.

In addition, they were asked to write a text answering the following three questions in the project:

Why is this problem important?
What is your invention?
How will your invention help?
Our students participated in this competition as a group which was designed entirely by the students. Esma Yuret and Azra Kocabaş invented a machine that turns garbage into seeds. Ali Aras, Kenji Demirci, Toprak Koçyiğit and Umar Juraev invented a watch that helps with heart diseases. Selim Durgun, Ömer Vural and Poyraz Erdoğan designed a machine that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen.
We would like to thank all our students and wish them success.