“Monitoring” is the most significant factor for productivity towards our learners reaching an achievement.  However, “Monitoring” should not disturb or pose any pressure.  On the contrary, there should exist a system that takes them to achievement and in this regard, enables them to use their own will.

We can list the benefits of K12 as below, which we believe will make a great contribution to the reliable monitoring of our learners:

  • Informing our parents daily-weekly about the positive and negative behaviours of our learners at school
  • Ability to see the positive and negative remarks regarding the learner from not only one teacher but also all teachers entering their classes
  • Allows learners to understand that achievement at school is not only based on exams
  • Allows teacher-learner and parents to understand that monitoring is a very significant factor in maintaining discipline
  • Motivates learners in class participation and increasing class achievement
  • A tool and driving force for the learner to achieve better

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