At Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools, bus services are provided through an annual contract with supplier companies.  A “service agreement” is drawn up between the company and parents that wish to use the service.

Bus Service Guidelines

School entry and exit for learners using the school bus service is from areas reserved for buses on campus.

Learners are picked up by the bus from an address provided by the parent and are returned to the same address.

Every learner is required to wear a seat belt as soon as they are seated on the bus.

With the exception of unavoidable circumstances, the bus route cannot be changed.  In case of an unavoidable circumstance, a route change can be applied with the knowledge of the relevant vice principle.

A hostess is on duty for kindergarten, primary and secondary school learners that use the bus service.  The learner is handed over to the hostess by the parent and handed back by the hostess.  In cases where the learner is not able to use the bus for any particular reason, the bus attendant must be informed at least 30 minutes beforehand.

In order to prevent the late arrival of our learners, they are required to be present at the boarding point at least 3 minutes before the arrival of the bus.

The bus attendant must be informed in cases where the learner decides not to use the bus at the end school, at least 30 minutes before departure.

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