The social and emotional skills of teachers directly affect the learners and their learning environments.   The Private Muruvvet Evyap College and Science High School attaches importance to the exemplary position of its teachers inside of the classroom.  It supports development of competent academic staff in their own fields throughout the year through meetings and trainings with the principle of “continuous learning”.  Courses, seminars and study programs held under many different titles, such as official procedures, group studies, emotion control, stress management, multiple intelligence, classroom management, use of educational technologies, first aid, hygiene, coping with anxiety, autism & dyslexia and their characteristics, adaptation issues and solutions contribute to the professional development of its teachers.

Teacher training is based on “reaching the ideal teacher that does their job well and enhances their happiness through the job, and naturally achieving success as a result”.  The action itself is viewed more valuable than the outcome. Teachers are given the opportunity to increase their competence and skills.  During group studies, the more vocationally experienced teachers share “the knowledge of how to teach each subject in the best and permanent way” with other teachers.

Some of the various courses and programs attended by our teachers in 2017 are as follows:

Work Life and Career, Evyap Holding – Chief Executive Chairman

Industrial Revolution –  4.0 Industry and its impacts, Bilge Adam Educational Planning Manager, Tuğrul Kapucuoğlu

Orhan Veli Kanık in Turkish Literature, Marmara University, Prof.Dr. Bâki Asiltürk

Management and Leadership Training, Biymed Educational Counselling, Dr.Sinan Bayraktar

Corporate Effective Communication Biymed Training and Consultancy, Dr.Sinan Bayraktar

Effective Communication Corporate Training Program, Istanbul Institute, Dr.Yaprak Tecir

Sharing One Language, Language Schools, Course Program and Education Model Devon, England

Model United Nations Conferences, Istanbul

Cern Workshop, Control Room, Cern Exhibition and Cern Globe Life Sciences group, Switzerland

Guidance and University Preferences, Nur Erdem Özeren, Istanbul

4th Educational Technologies Summit (ETZ) Radison Blue Hotel, Istanbul

Literature in Educations Seminars, Günışığı Booklet, Assoc. Prof Necdet Neydim, Istanbul

Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED), Exhibition visit “An Excavation Story: Çatalhöyük”

Destination Imagination Tournaments, Kuşadası Efes Congress Center, Aydın

Spinal Cord Information Seminar, The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey, İstanbul

Feyza Hepçilingirler, Awareness of Turkish, Seminar, Istanbul

Haydar Ergülen, Poetry and People Themed Seminar, Istanbul

Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Event, Istanbul Congress Center (Harbiye)


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