The curriculum and support activities were renewed as a result of the changes made to the university entrance exams, and learners were directed accordingly, as given below;

  • Regular career introductions are carried out.
  • University visits allows our learners to acquaint themselves with institutions.
  • Analysis of mock exams are monitored in a learner-orientated manner.
  • Learners overcome their exam anxiety with counselling activities.
  • Successful post exam guidance is presented during university preference selection
  • An objective measurement is provided through different resources.

The Private Muruvvet Evyap College has produced its 9th and Science High School its 7th graduates in June, 2020.  We were all made very proud of the university placement ratios and their success.

Private Muruvvet Schools carry out 40 lesson hours a week with its experienced staff, especially providing lectures, problem solving and homework to grade 11 and 12 toward the university exams.  Development of each learner is monitored individually with the collaboration of the classroom teachers and the PCG.

A mock exam towards the monitoring of development is carried out every quarter throughout the year in intermediary grades.

In addition to these mock exams, there are a total of 30 TYT mock exams carried out.

There are a total of 30 YKS mock exams planned throughout the year for grade 12.  Additionally, exams are planned throughout Turkey that are announced by various institutions.

 “Success is not a coincidence”

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