By force of its vision and mission, the Private Muruvvet Evyap schools have always been supportive of their learners’ artistic activities as well as their academic complement.

The Visual Arts classes at the Private Muruvvet Evyap schools has been one of the most important areas that enables the learner to express their emotions freely through art, develop creativity that can be used in all fields, and gain awareness of valuing and embracing the culture they exist and other cultures.



From kindergarten to High School, visual art classes are carried out in art workshops, in an art environment accompanied by music.  Visual materials are used during class to explain applications of various techniques.  Our workshops are open for use to all learners during school hours.  Art clubs increase the sharing process of leaners with art. Our aim in the visual art classes are to enable our learners to discover their creativity and use them in areas of life, and to develop individuals who have a sense of esthetic, research, inquiry, tolerance, free-thinking, awareness of the world they live, contributing to themselves and their environment, sensitive to differences and is happy.  In our visual arts class, our learners learn about world art history, painters and information on techniques.  They make interpretations with two and three dimentional work with individual and group studies.  They learn to express their creativity and their visual worlds, and freely interpret their gained self confidence and aesthetics, their critical perspective, feelings and thoughts.


Branching out learning is conducted at our school for the learning of these skills.  Our learners, who have laid the foundations of art training since kindergarten in the best way with the support of expert teachers in their field, enter a new academic process in order to recognise and apply different branches of art in line with their own wishes and with the guidance of their teachers.

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