“Evyap Greenhouse” area is located in the primary school garden of our school. Studies conducted in interaction with members of the school community, led by members of the Ecology and Environmental Club; at the heart of the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) is the opportunity to learn many disciplines by experiencing through learning by doing.

Activities are held in the greenhouse to support the physical, mental, and personal development of students and club members. Activities in the greenhouse help support students’ physical, mental and personal development.

In the first weeks, activities are made that reflect how important it is for our future to protect the soil, living things, and habitats.  Students learn to take responsibility in many studies that will develop all their skills, depending on their choice.

For Science lessons:

In-plant observation and cultivation activities starting with seed October, students connect with science by researching different plant species, plant anatomy, photosynthesis, soil irrigation, and the need for light. They make connections about how events such as climate change and global warming affect the world and productivity. We believe that learning something about the life of living beings and the order in nature contributes to our international curriculum program.

For Maths lessons:

They connect with mathematics in many areas, such as measuring the lengths of plants, the budget used in the purchase, charting, temperature adjustment, and data collection.

For Art lessons:

Students study art using their creative thinking skills with all the beings found in nature. At the same time, such studies encourage students to appreciate natural features and beauty.

For Language lessons:

Learning new and unfamiliar words can often be difficult for students. Students are encouraged to use foreign languages to explain and describe various ways of growing and feeding plants.

For Other Class lessons:

With the products grown, they are allowed to think reflectively by preparing magnificent plates that they can finally enjoy with pleasure. When they observe the ripening process of their own-grown crops, they take responsibility for climate change. They will have taken a big step toward becoming a citizen of the world.

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