“If one day, my words are against science, choose science”


  1. Kemal ATATÜRK

Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools are aimed at raising scientists literate in science, that also possess the capability of thinking, researching, questioning and resolving issues encountered in daily life and presenting projects that they themselves develop.  Environments to meet these purposes are provided by our schools.


Science and Nature workshop activities are important, in terms of enabling learners to discover their own field of interests and developing their problem solving skills.    The Science and Nature workshop is special in ways that it enables learners to explore and discover with their own means of observations and experiences. The innate sense of discovery and curiosity of children are supported in this workshop through projects and experiments.

The senses that will lead children towards becoming successful and healthy individuals, such as, the love of nature, undertaking responsibility, appreciation and recognition, protection and preservation, are developed through the special trainings based on the world of living creatures.


Life sciences are efforts of studies towards nature and the natural phenomena, and predicting events that are yet to be observed.  Each phenomenon in nature forms the subject matter of life sciences and for this reason life sciences is an important part of life. Life sciences pays attention to both living and inanimate nature and is comprised of facts, concepts, generalizations, principles, theories and the laws of nature.  Our learners, within the scope of the life science course subjects, are given the opportunity to strengthen the knowledge obtained from their lessons, through conducting experiments that are appropriate to their levels.

All necessary measurements to ensure the health and safety of our learners has been taken in our science laboratory.  National and international projects are developed with the guidance and surveillance of teachers that are experts in their own disciplines.


At the Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools there is a special focus on science lessons.  The science laboratory is fully equipped for all research and experiments to be executed under the curricula of the Turkish Ministry of National Education.  The science laboratories allow learners to conduct their empirical research for their scientific projects.

Environments that are of importance in the education of science are based on an understanding of research and questioning rather than rote-learning, and is aimed at establishing an approach towards supporting theoretical studies with practice. Learners raised in this practice are those that are not content with merely experiments, but rather keen to also improve their scientific research skills and techniques, and develop text writing skills, which are internationally recognized.

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