The Private Evyap Schools function within the framework of the Ministry of National Educations regulation on Parent-Teacher Association.  The General Assembly and Elections of the Parent-Teacher Association are announced to all parents and are held in the last week of each academic year.  School administrators, teachers and all parents of our school are natural members of the Parent-Teacher Association.

Duties and Authorities of the Parent Association

1) To ensure a strong and effective cooperation between the school administration, teachers, parents and families in order to develop learners in line with the general objectives and basic principles of the Turkish National Education and Principles and Revolutions of Atatürk.

2) To cooperate with parents in order to support the achievement of the goals and objectives of the school, to support the schools strategic plan activities and their implementation for quality and success in education, to enable equal opportunities in education, and to support the implementation of decisions taken by the board.

3) To contribute to the organizations planned by the school administration in order to increase the success of learners, such as; courses, exams, seminars, music, theatres, sports, arts, trips, fundraising events and similar educational activities.

4) In cooperation with the school administration, to help make use of the school educational facilities during time left outside of educational activities, such as classrooms, sports halls, libraries, laboratories and workshops.

5) To contribute to the expenses of organizing cultural competitions for national holidays, specific days and weeks.

6) To organize social and cultural activities and campaigns, and make use of funds from fundraising activities for fit purposes.

7) To provide financial and emotional support for disadvantaged children by means of cooperating with the school administration and to contribute to sister schools for the same purpose.

8) To fulfil the obligations of the School Bus Service Guidelines, published in the Official Gazette dated 08.08.2007, numbered 26627.

9) To cooperate with educational institutions and non-governmental organizations.

10) Contribute to study commissions established to improve education and training.

11) Participate in national and international projects and contribute to the realizing of the project objectives.

12) To support other educational activities.

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