Pre-school: It is an extraordinary period where children record the events that take place in their environments, and where they learn the fastest. These years, which are described as “Magic years of life” is when the foundations of personality are laid and we believe that consideration of the highest is a prerequisite for developing individuals that are successful, happy, confident and possess a problem solving ability.

By providing the children with an environment where they feel happy and safe, we aim for them to receive an education of international standards, while taking into consideration their individual differences at their most important time.  Throughout the year, our native and foreign language educational programmes are implemented as an intertwined programme.  We include our parents in some of our programmes by recognizing each learner’s individual qualities. Developing learners of an inquiring mind, curious, caring, reflective, respectful and appreciative, forms the basis of our educational philosophy.  Our education model, the “PYP” model, enables our learners to actively experience their developments and knowledge.  Our teachers are in a position to guide not teach.   Thereby, our learners drive their own learning through reaching for information on their own.

Amongst the aims for pre-school education at Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools to positively support the development of our learners are:

  • Preparing safe environments for education,
  • Arranging workshops to enable easy learning and making discoveries and arranging classroom centers appropriate for each age level.
  • Ensuring they become individuals that act independently, are tolerant, creative, cooperative, risk takers and open minded.
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