The Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools learner Union is a structure which is represented by learners from all grade levels.  With the aim of raising the awareness of democracy and teaching how to use their right to elect and be elected, our learners are given the right to elect their friends to represent them.  The elected assembly elects a president.  These elections are carried out every year. The Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools Learner Union contributes to the management and development of the school by conveying learner views to the relevant departments.  It may present proposals to the administration regarding the code of conduct at the school and takes an active role in ensuring that the learners they represent comply with the order of the school.  The learner union supports campaigns, activities, commemoration and celebration ceremonies organised on campus.  Additionally, activities are carried out towards enriching school life and improving communication between learners in social activities that take place throughout the academic year.

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