Founder Representative

Administrative Staffv  Mustafa ARIN /


Kindergarten and Primary School

Administrative Staffv Elçin KIZILKAYA Principal /

    Administrative Staffv  Neslihan SEZER PYP Coordinator /

    Administrative Staffv Yonca KABATAŞ Foreign Languages Coordinator /


Secondary School

Administrative Staffv Haşim KIRAN Principal /

    Administrative Staffv Demir SİPAHİ Vice Principal for 7th & 8th grade /

    Administrative StaffvYonca KABATAŞ Foreign Languages Coordinator /


College and Science High School

Administrative StaffvSelçuk ERDEM Principal /

    Administrative StaffvAytek TURAN Vice Principal (college) /

    Administrative Staffv Berna KILIÇ Vice Principal (science high school) /

    Administrative Staffv Yonca KABATAŞ Foreign Languages Coordinator /

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