Evrim Duyum – Principle

Elçin Kızılkaya – Vice Principle

Nagihan Uca – PYP Coordinator

Demir Sipahi – Vice Principle

Ersin Ciğerci – Psychological Counselor

Tuğba Şahin – Psychological Counselor

Kübra Akdeniz – Advisory Consultant

Version Date: May 2020

Version: 1.0


The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people, who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programmes encourage learners from all over the world to be individuals that are active, loving, and lifelong learners who comprehend that others can be right, despite their differences.



The aim of The Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools is to develop individuals towards the necessities of the world, which are to be qualified, innovative, able to effectively use advanced technology, adopt ethical values, and to adapt to the fast changing conditions of the world.


With all of our stakeholders in the community, the Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools objective is to develop individuals that:

  • Absorb universal values
  • Effectively communicate in the Turkish language and one other foreign language
  • Is of inquiring mind, and a scientifically, analytically and synthetically thinker
  • Sensitive to their environment and nature
  • Respective and caring of various cultures
  • Skilled in life-long learning
  • Participating in at least one arts, sports or social responsibility activities
  • A leader and model to society in the light of Atatürk’s principles and revolutions


The development, implementation and review of the school admission policy is a process that involves the staff of the Pedagogical Leadership Team, the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit and staff that take part in registration.

A steering committee with the cooperation of the school administration was formed whilst developing the admissions policy of the Muruvvet Evyap Schools.  The admissions policy was reviewed and prepared in line with the other policies of the school and was put into writing for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year.  Our policy is reviewed and necessary updates are carried out every January of each academic year.  The updated version is shared with all stakeholders.


The regulations set forth for institutions of the Ministry of National Education Preschool Education and Primary Education (version dated:2020) are taken as a basis for admitting a learner to our school. Differences of each child is considered during enrolment and no discrimination is made towards language, religion, race and gender. The school community and parents are informed of the school enrolment policy and are responsible for acting accordingly.


The purpose of the admissions policy is to determine the principles of the registration process for learners admitted to our school, allowing for it to be fair, holistic and inclusive for all learners.


   4.1. Age criteria

Learners who have completed 36 months of age are accepted to the 3+ classroom of the kindergarden, in accordance with the regulations set by the Ministry of National Education Preschool Education and Primary Education (version dated:2020.)  Learners who have completed 48 months of age are accepted to the 4+ grade and learners who have completed 57 months of age as of the end of September are accepted to the pre-school programme.

Learners who have completed 69 months of age by the end of September are accepted to the 1st grade of primary education.  Children between the months of 66-68 who appear to be ready for primary education, in terms of development, are accepted to the 1st grade of primary education with the written consent of the parents.

Registration for the first grade of primary education for candidates of 69-70-71 months, who obtain the right to register by age but are underdeveloped physically and mentally can be postponed by a year with written consent of the parents.

The enrolment of children to 1st grade of primary education and who are of legal school maturity of 72 months and above may be delayed for one year with a medical report certifying that the child is not ready for primary education.


   4.2. Admission to an Intermediary Grade

Treated like an initial application, learners, who wish to register at the Private Muruvvet Evyap Schools for various reasons are invited for an interview and the procedures given above are carried out with the parents. A learners’ admission to an intermediary grade is possible according to availability.  From this point on, the learner’s transfer is requested from the previous school and the final registration is complete in line with the regulations set by the Ministry of National Education Preschool Education and Primary Education.

   4.3. Admission of learners from abroad

Parents of learners arriving from abroad are required to obtain a certificate of equivalence by the Ministry of National Education from an embassy of Turkey or the Ministry of National Education (MEB).

If the learner has not arrived to Turkey as yet, documents reporting the education received abroad is requested to be sent to the school via email. If the learner has arrived to Turkey, their academic and social development is assessed at an interview held by a Psychological Counselling and Guidance (PCG) expert and a classroom teacher.  If the learner is abroad, the same interview is held online.

The admission conditions according to the nationalities of learners from abroad is stated in the regulations set by MEB (Ministry of National Education Preschool Education and Primary Education (version dated: 2020.)


   4.4. Admission of Learners with special educational needs

During the Psychological Counselling and Guidance interview, the parent is expected to inform the school of any learning difficulties or the need of special educational that the learner may need in order to ensure that the learner benefits fully from the education provided at the school.  If the learner’s special needs regarding learning are determined after enrolment, the measures that need to be taken are decided in consultation with the parents.

   4.5. Admission of Non-Turkish speaking learners

When accepting learners whose spoken language at home is not Turkish, they are informed that mandatory Turkish lessons are required to express basic needs before commencement of school.  Support from an interpreter is required when prospective parents and the school are unable to communicate in Turkish or English.  The school prepares and applies a support program for these learners and their families.

5. The Admissions Process

  5.1. Consultation

Appointments are given to parents in order to apply to the school.  Prospective parents sign documents regarding the protection of personal date upon the arrival to school campus.  The objective of signing these documents is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, foremost the privacy of private life, and to regulate the obligations of real and legal persons who process the procedures and principles to be abided.

Following the interview conducted with the school administration, an appointment is made with the PGC unit for parents who intend to register.  An appointment is given to the prospective learner for an individual assessment interview. If the learner is a 4th grade candidate, in addition to the assessment interview, they are required to take an assessment exam.  If all conditions are set, information on tuition fee is provided and the registration procedure is complete for the learner upon signing of the contract.

  5.2. School Administration

The first meeting is conducted with the related principle and vice principle and a general introduction of the school is given.  Information regarding daily functionings, class hours, classes and their contents, etc., are provided.  A guide of the school campus is given once detailed information about the school is provided.

   5.3. PCG (Psychological Counselling and Guidance)

Appropriate grade level interviews are conducted with prospective learners.  The first interview with prospective learners that have completed 36 months of age is conducted through the Preschool Registration Observation Form (annex1), the School Maturity Form for first grade learners (annex 2) and the Readiness Form for grades 2, 3 and 4 (annex 3.)

Along with the interview of the learner, the learner’s parents are interviewed.   The conveyance of accurate information regarding the learner is expected during the interview with the parents. The objective of the PCG unit is to determine the readiness of the learner in line with their grade group and to support learners after registration in line with their academic-social skills.

The principles adopted during the admissions process of our prospective learners are;

  • Each individual is equal regardless of language, religion, race or gender.
  • Respect for individual differences is essential.
  • Parents are directed to receive services from other institutions in cases where our school’s social and physical conditions are unable to meet the needs of our learners.

If necessary, the opinion and portfolio from the PCG unit of the previous school will be requested when information regarding the learner has been obtained from the prospective parents and the assessment of the academic-social skills obtained through an individual interview.

   5.4. Academic Assessment 

The School Maturity Form for our first grade learners (annex 2) and the Readiness Form for grades 2, 3 and 4 (annex 3) is applied.  An assessment is conducted in regards to the learners’ suitability to the school, which is a result of the learner’s performance and the report of the PCG unit.

An academic test is applied to 4th grade learners for admission.  The learner is expected to answer at leaset 50% of the questions correctly.

For the admission of learners to intermediary grades, an English Readiness assessment is conducted in order to evaluate the learners’ level of foreign language and its suitability to the grade level.  If the learners’ foreign language is under the grade level, the learner is supported with guidance of their parents.


Our school’s Inclusion policy (annex 5):

  • The admissions philosophy and PCG interviews are compatible with the Approach to Learners Who Do Not Speak Turkish, stated in the Language Policy (annex 4.)
  • The schools%LS
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